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1st July 2010

I have finally been out to Ireland and visited some of the places in the slides, so that I can add them to the photos section (where you can hover over them for a "now and then" effect).

The following have been added/replaced :

  • Belvelly Castle I have replaced the image I borrowed with a photograph of my own. Judging from the available angles to take the shot, the original was taken from a boat! Thanks to Ann Whitty for the use of the previous photograph.

  • Rob Roy Hotel, Cobh. This was tricky, as the railings on the quay at Cobh have been moved since the original photograph was taken.

  • Kissing the Blarney Stone. This was the best I could get, considering that I didn't take the picture!

  • Myrtle Grove. This was also the best I could get, as the house and grounds were closed to the public.

10th August 2008

Flickr user tzzzzme has identified the following slide : Unknown Lighthouse.

5th February 2008

All Slide and Technical Slide thumbnails now act as direct links to the corresponding medium-sized image. The Photograph and Other Images thumbnails also link to their corresponding images.

4th December 2007

The Galleries page has been altered to include icons representing the galleries.

8th November 2007

I've had an email from John Teasdale identifying the following slide : Unknown Docks.

24th October 2007

2nd October 2007

I haven't been able to put in the time I'd like to lately , due to work commitments. I still have a batch of technical slides to scan and I've been promised some further photographs taken by C.P.Finn, courtesy of my aunt.

The main change today is the separation of the index and home pages. The index page is now a simple splash screen. The home page is unchanged, except that navigating to the site will now go to the splash screen rather than the rather wordy home page.

19th August 2007

The site has been altered to still function if Javascript is switched off in your browser.

3rd July 2007

21st June 2007

19th June 2007

A new gallery is under construction, for the technical/engineering slides.

26th May 2007

Although the site has been live for a few months, it wasn't what I would call finished. What website ever is? They tend to grow organically as more and more features are added. Consider this to be release 1.0, as this is as finished as it's going to ever be.

23rd May 2007

A recent change was made to dynamically create thumbnails from the database. Performance was a little on the slow side so the code now checks for a thumbnail and creates a new one only if it does not already exist.

12th May 2007

Search now works for slides and photographs, or both.

10th May 2007

3rd May 2007

Another link to the Photograph Gallery has been added, but this is not yet functional. Most parts of the site will still work as before, until this new feature is added. There is also a possibility of introducing a forum at some point, but this is not yet definite.

3rd April 2007

Another four slides added.

All slides, apart from the engineering images, have been added. I hope you enjoy them.

28th March 2007

Four more slides added..

All slides, apart from the engineering images (of which there are about 40), have been scanned and will be added shortly.

23rd March 2007

Another six slides added.

22nd March 2007

Seven more slides have been added to the database, bringing the current total to 53.

20th March 2007

Several more slides have been scanned, but have yet to be added to the database.

A new picture of my grandmother has been added to the About page.
Both pictures on that page now have links to larger images.

22nd February 2007

The About page has been substantially revised, with C.P. Finn's obituary now accessible via a link.

There are currently 45 slides in the database, with approximately 60 more awaiting processing.

11th February 2007

I'm adding the images as quickly as possible, but the scanning process is quite laborious. Each half of the slide must be scanned, then stitched together. This means that the images have to be parallel as far as possible to make it easier to put them together again. They must also be adjusted for other factors such as contrast and hue, as the two halves are usually slightly different.

4th February 2007

The site is now live.

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